Being Grateful for the Bear’s Den (aka BD)

You will hear students say the letters “BD” a lot. It’s important to understand that we are referring to the main eating spot on the South 40. If you are a first-year or sophomore, this will be the place for you to grab breakfast, lunch, (maybe dinner), and a bunch of snacks.

Some people will say that BD is a scary place. I am saying that BD is a scary place, but only because I have not been able to use mild sauce on my fries and chicken tenders for 3 months. Mild sauce is a native Chicagoan sauce. I plan to bring some back mild sauce and introduce it to my friends who are not familiar with the sensational sauce in St. Louis. But, anyway, I just wanted to update you on some of the terminology here at WashU. I titled this post being grateful for BD because BD is open until 3 a.m. on the weekend. And although you may not eat that late now in high school, you will find yourself walking across the South 40 to BD for the 1 a.m. special of chicken and waffles—which is a true tribute to my Chicago taste buds.

The employees in BD will get to know your face and name, and even remember your order. I, for example, am remembered for ordering the same small or large white Alfredo pasta with Cajun seasoning. The order process was confusing at first, but now it is my second language. I am personally grateful for their dedication to us college students who are hungry at wild hours. But hey—stomachs don’t have office hours! We are willing to eat whatever whenever. Not only are there several food stations in BD, but there is also a mini grocery store that accepts meal points instead of cash. There you can find a local froyo machine and buy cupcakes, cakes, or ice-cream. My friends and I have had several celebratory events in which we purchased cakes!

Until next time: have a beautiful day!