Research Papers Are Not Scary

When you hear the phrase “research paper”, what is your first response?

Are you intimidated, anxious, or excited? I imagine anyone who is not in love with writing probably did not resonate with the latter. It’s understandable. We go through high school writing essays that have potentially traumatized (or motivated) us into realizing writing’s intensity. I personally love writing, and that is the primary reason for my ENJOYment of the research paper process. We officially started conducting the process four weeks prior to exam week. As a first-year, college writing is a fundamental course that you take either fall or spring semester. There are themed sections and the basic course; I am in the identity-themed course, whilst one of my friends is in the food-themed course. You will encounter intense essays, memoirs, and even graphic novels. We were blessed with the opportunity to have the writer of a graphic novel come to speak to us on Halloween.

I guess I can tell you a little about my research paper. Here are the hard facts: it is about navigating one’s black identity in modern day America and how the mental position of anyone doing so is a direct manifestation of W. E. B. Du Bois’ double-consciousness theory. Du Bois is one of my favorite authors and academic heads, in that he has put into words many of the sensations that the black community feels. I enjoy reading articles and academic essays that address my racial identity. Research papers can be based on anything that your heart desires. That is the beauty of being in college (at WashU). I hope that you look forward to writing in college. Whether you’re on the pre-med, art, arts & sciences, engineering, or business track, writing will be a fundamental level of communication that you’ll utilize while you study here.

‘Til we read and write again: Have a beautiful day!