Lofty Lifestyle

The lofts. Four buildings on the Delmar loop that are an easy fifteen minute walk to campus. During the warmer months, the walk to campus by way of Skinker Blvd is shaded by magnificent trees along the Skinker neighborhoods. During the winter, their bare branches reach out to catch snowflakes as they become the woods of urban winter wonderland. When the days get brisk and the nights get a little longer, it’s nice to come home to the bright colorful lights of the lofts and bright signs on the loop, be greeted by the ever friendly security guards and get one last glimpse of the fleeting day on the terrace.

As I enter my apartment at the end of the day, I’m immediately greeted by my apartment-mates and the delicious scents of their dinners. They sit at the counter chatting as I settle in. I listen to their tales about their days as I make my own dinner. The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, stove, oven, dishwasher, and plenty of counter/storage space so the possibility of meal options seem endless with the right ingredients. Past dinner endeavors have included pulled pork tacos, chili, pancakes, and even mini friends-giving dinners featuring pies, and baked sweet potatoes. If I didn’t have time to run to Trader Joes, restocking ingredients is just a matter of going downstairs to United Provisions. The store offers a wide variety of groceries from the basics to items that come from around the world (and it takes bear bucks).

On weekend mornings, I wake up with the bright St. Louis sunlight streaming in through my room’s large windows. Before I even think about what I have to do that day, I like to start by meeting my sister, a WashU freshman, at Blueprint. Blueprint is a coffee shop, a light and airy space with a polished selection of coffees, teas and light snacks or meals. It also helps that it is only a two minute walk from in my apartment to sitting at a table, I enter and am greeted by my sister with an almond milk cappuccino, and a granola bowl (our personal favorites). We chat and start our homework in the sunlight filled coffee shop.

Once it’s time to start working on a an design project for a Sam Fox class, we do a quick run to Blick’s right across the street from my apartment. Afterwards, I walk my sister back to campus on the way to my studio desk to do work and talk to friends, as well as run to the gym for the remainder of the day. When it’s time for for dinner on Saturdays, I will go out with friends to one of the many delicious places to eat on the Loop within minutes of the lofts. The loop offers all my favorites from Guerilla Street Food inspired by the cuisine of Manila to the classic St. Louis BBQ at Salt and Smoke to my personal favorite, Mission Taco Joint.

And to finish off my day, often I take a spin around the Subterranean bookstore, sometimes I’ll go find a friend in the lofts to watch a movie with, or I’ll just call it a day and take a relaxing bath. Living in the lofts provides many opportunities to step outside of the campus environment without losing access to the perks of residential life and proximity. Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on Postmates when all your favorite restaurants are right outside your door!