FINALS WEEK! (JK, it’s just reading week)

Today was the last day of classes!

It is definitely such a relieving feeling. As an art student, most of my finals were projects. I completed a painting for my 2-D Design studio and I developed an animated textual video for my digital design studio course. As for the remainder of my classes, I have one exam for an African-American Studies course and my research paper due soon.

Now you’re probably wondering what reading week is…

Well, WashU has given us students a week to prepare for exams, finalize research papers, and also wind-down mentally. There will be different events around campus dedicated to helping us wind-down from our study-beast modes. My dorm Umrath had an event prior to reading week that included unlimited bubblewrap for stomping on, DIY stress balls with balloons and rice, Caprisun juice (I have not seen those in a long time) and cookies. It is important to find time to rejuvenate oneself in the midst of rejuvenating one’s skills in calculus or memory on the prominent artists during the Harlem renaissance.

I certainly appreciate this extra week prior to finals to prepare myself, clean my dorm, and catch up on sleep that I will never literally catch up on. Once you lose sleep, you lose sleep. But it is OK. Get as much sleep as you can in high school, because going to bed before 11pm is a goal of mine in college that I have not been able to achieve even if I am physically in bed at 10:30pm; my body laughs at me and rejects the idea.

Until next time,

Sleep well and good luck on any remaining exams!


(p.s. I realize that this post is very much late. But I felt that you needed to read it for motivation 🙂 )