Roaring into a New Environment

The wind is crisper today, the sun shining high in the sapphire sky, warmth radiating down upon me. I found a small alcove to rest and gather my thoughts. On my knee balances a black hard backed book, it’s pages are a smooth, cream color just waiting to be written on. I dip my quill pin lightly into the glass jar and brush the sides against the rim of the glass to wipe off any excess ink. The felt tip point hovers above the blank page.

A Starbucks cup filled with a dark iced coffee rests on the metal table; condensation drips through the wire holes onto the cemented ground. A soft melody flows through my baby blue headphones and I feel a wave of peace that evening brings.

After finishing my class for the day, I set aside time to find a little bit of happiness in something so simple as sitting outdoors and being absorbed in thought.

This is what college life is supposed to feel like. A time to figure out what you want from life, and to become comfortable in yourself no matter where you are. However, you first have to make yourself at home.

I have learned that your residential experience can make or break your college life. If you are having a hard time with your roommate/suitemates, the build up of frustration and disdain will inevitably bleed over into your social life and overall mood. Setting guidelines between you and your roommate(s) will make sure that any disagreements are immediately taken care of and don’t manifest into an anger-filled confrontation.

       A stack of books and hot tea.              #mydailylife

I feel like a sim character when saying this, but pretty sights will also boost your happiness by a great deal. So, take time out to adorn your room with beautiful decorations and things that you like. My books are my refuge and so is my music so you can find my shelf stacked with my favorite novels, comics, poetry books, and CDs. Don’t be shy, and make it a point to express yourself.

Your room is your home, remember that it is not someone else’s responsibility to clean up after you at all times of the day. In times like these you gotta put your behind in the past…I mean, you gotta put your past behind you. Part of being an adult, is learning how to maintain a healthy and clean environment. Don’t take the pretty sights on campus for granted and also maintain your own space as well.

If you need coffee or tea to get you through the day, prepare a cup in the morning and sip to your hearts content. If exercise keeps you leveled and balanced then do it.

The point: Do what makes you happy, and you will see great improvements.