A short list

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. To help you learn a bit about me, in true WashU fashion, I created a list of essential facts about me that will give you a glimpse into my world.

  • My name is Noor, which means light in Arabic. My parents are both 100% Egyptian and immigrated to the USA from Alexandria in the 90s. I was raised in an Egyptian household, but was born in Milwaukee, WI, where I attended a French Immersion American school that was full of diversity and different cultures. You could say that I was quite the confused 4-year-old. I had English and America coming strong from my life with my friends outside of school, French language and culture coming from my immersion school, and Egyptian culture and Arabic coming to me from my home life. I’m super proud of these identities, which is why this is like the longest bullet point ever, but WashU has given me the space and communities to really develop and grow these parts of me, within Rodriguez, my scholarship program, Ashoka, the South Asian community on campus, and many other communities that I am apart of that I will elaborate on a different time.
  • I love the Green Bay Packers. Anyone who has something bad to say about them can direct their comments to the suggestion box.
  • I love cheese. It’s my favorite food and I legitimately put it on everything known to man. The food service workers at BD look at me with concern every time I open my box up at the cash register and I’m sure all they think is “that is just a box full of cholesterol”.

To be honest, these are really the three facts you need to know about me in order to get an introduction. You basically know almost everything there is to know about me, so welcome to my life!