The Great St. Louis Outdoors

This past weekend, I had the great opportunity of returning — once again — to the great outdoors. The Salvation Army Camp Mihaska is around 2 hours away from campus and features some of the most freeing examples of nature I’ve ever seen. Lakes, treehouses, clear, blue skies — you name it. This place truly encompassed the “natural” aspect of the Midwest.

Climbing a random tree house-ish tower? (Found lots of hornets)

An obstacle tower that we were (unfortunately) unable to climb — but still a pretty cool find

I went to this camp over the weekend with the church I’ve been going to here in St. Louis. I met a group of people here on campus who welcomed me into their fellowship last year, and I’ve been attending ever since. Whether you’re from a religious background or not, the fact that WashU is able to introduce you to such a community speaks wonders about its openness and connectivity with the outside community. People may say that there’s a danger of getting caught inside the “WashU Bubble” (for any college, really, there’s the potential for this), but this community provided me with a safeguard from having that happen. Some of the people who attend the church are from WashU. Most are not.

I was able to develop bonds and friendships with people from all around St. Louis (and even farther). Through WashU, I found a family not only on campus but within the greater St. Louis area. Spending time away from schoolwork is always relaxing, but when you’re with people who share the same ideals and mindset as you, that time becomes even more precious.

I will eternally be grateful to WashU for providing me with the chance to meet people I would never have been able to in any other circumstance. Whatever you may believe in, there will be a community here for you. And wherever you find that community, you will make experiences that will follow you for the rest of your life.