My First Trip Home: A List

My Favorite Parts of Thanksgiving Break

  1. Falling asleep before the plane took off, and waking up 2.5 hours later. Bonus points for a window seat!
  2. My younger brother staying up late to give me a welcome-home-hug.
  3. My other younger brother waking me up in the morning, because he couldn’t stay up that late.
  4. My dad and brother drawing a welcome home picture on our chalkboard (it’s a tradition).
  5. Waking up to fresh NYC bagels. Plain, sesame, and everything. Not a blueberry bagel in sight!
  6. Visiting my high school for Homecoming and seeing pictures of my favorite teacher’s new baby.
  7. Sleeping in!!!
  8. Getting a bacon-egg-and-cheese-on-a-roll (you have to say it in one breath) from my favorite diner.
  9. Celebrating one of my best friend’s birthdays with all of our high school friends.
  10. Baking gooey butter cookies (a St. Louis staple) to share with my family.
  11. Receiving a tackle-hug from my younger cousin, who I hadn’t seen since August.
  12. Eating my weight in mac n’ cheese at Thanksgiving dinner.
  13. Black Friday shopping with my 15 year old brother, who complained that I took too long, and then proceeded to drag me to 7 different shoe stores.
  14. Koronet Pizza, better known as Slices The Size of A Small Child.
  15. Getting to hug my parents.
  16. Grabbing lunch with my high school basketball team.
  17. Baking brownies with my 5 year old brother, who very politely asks to crack the eggs.
  18. Watching Glee with my dad.
  19. Christmas tree stands going up around the city.
  20. My best friend coming to my house with breakfast so I could see her before my flight.


A Welcome Home Chalkboard

Koronet Pizza


My Least Favorite Parts of Thanksgiving Break

  1. Leaving early for the airport to compensate for the Thanksgiving Madness, only to have my flight delayed two hours.
  2. Forgetting a book for the airport.
  3. The subway.
  4. Getting the cold that 80% of Wash U students currently have!
  5. Not being able to buy meals with Meal Points.
  6. It was 19º on Thanksgiving.
  7. Talking to my WashU pals over facetime, instead of getting to see them in person 🙁
  8. Trying to fall asleep on the plane ride home after chugging a large coffee… oops!

Why Do I Hate The Subway?