Hello There!


I’m Sparkle and because icebreakers are amazing I’ll share the following fun fact: I am obsessed with Nutella. Aside from that vital information, I’m from the South Side Chicago where the weather tends to play around a lot more than St. Louis’ does. Some areas of St. Louis feel like the city of Chicago, but Missouri is a lot different from home and I am thankful for that.

I’m a double major in visual design arts and Afro-American studies. I appreciate the fact that WashU will allow me to pursue both my artistic and humanities interest simultaneously.

My college experience started over the summer, as I was blessed to be a member of the First-Year Summer Academic Program—FSAP for short. I selected two courses for my summer immersion: Writing about Literature and Intro to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The writing course was definitely intriguing in that it was focused on contemporary forms of literature related to the #MeToo Movement. Tarana Burke—the foundress of the movement—came to campus this fall, too. I did not get the opportunity to hear her speak, as the venue overflowed with listeners. But having that important figure on campus is definitely a great intro to the various lectures that occur on campus year-round.

I am also a mentor/tutor in Strive For College—a mentorship program that mentors middle school and high schoolers about academic techniques that they can adopt to enhance their current and future academic endeavors and goals. Aside from Strive, I am a part of Design For America—a student design organization. I will explain more about DFA in another post, so stay tuned!

I look forward to sharing my Sam Fox/Arts & Sciences WashU experience with you and hope that my ideas and revelations about what it means to be a student here resonates with you and your decision about what college you plan to go.


Until my next post,

Have a beautiful day!