Gateway to the West of My Life

Hey guys, how much does a polar bear weigh?

Enough to break the ice.


Now that we’re all friends here, let’s get started.

My name is Callie. Born and raised in Manhattan, my life has been shaped by being a “city kid.” Now residing in St. Louis, my NYC background is both a blessing and a curse. I’m used to walking everywhere, so hustling from one end of campus to the other or strolling to The Loop are second nature to me. On the other side of this, however, is the fact that – as a city kid – I never learned to drive. Although walking, the Metro System, and an occasional uber are all viable modes of transportation, “I don’t have a license” is (apparently) a shocking phrase. The other problem with coming from New York is that I’m a so-called “Bagel and Pizza Snob.” Wash U has some pretty amazing food, but Einstein Bros Bagels just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, bagel doesn’t just mean bread in the shape of a circle.

I have two younger brothers, and they add chaos and excitement to my life. Having a brother who is three years younger than me has definitely contributed to my love of sports and my competitive spirit. I played basketball, softball, and tennis in high school, and I’m part of the Girl’s Club Basketball team here at Wash U. I also joined a club called Books and Basketball, which combines my love of sports with an amazing opportunity to tutor and play with little kids. With so many clubs to choose from, I’m definitely planning on joining more in the future.

My brother visiting me at college!

Right now, I’m wholly undecided as to what my major is. I’m taking a random assortment of classes that focus on the humanities (read: I’m terrible at math). I love history, politics, and writing, so I’m considering something like Political Science or International Area Studies. My plan is to take classes that expand my experiences and introduce me to new interests.

When I’m not studying for my classes or doing extracurriculars, you can usually find me listening to music, watching How I Met Your Mother for the 12th time, or spending time outside with friends. I also love reading, pick-up sports games, and baking. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee, heading to a comedy show on campus, or grocery shopping, I’m always up to do something.

Exploring the Butterfly Garden!


The Loop!

“I live in Missouri” was never a phrase I thought I’d hear myself say. Before coming to Wash U, I honestly couldn’t point out St. Louis on a map: the first time I realized that St. Louis was in Missouri, I was on the plane heading there. When I pictured Missouri, I thought of corn fields and cows. I’m learning, however, that there’s a lot more to explore. While I can’t say I’m used to living in the Midwest, I can tell you that I’m excited to make St. Louis my home for the next 4 years. I can’t wait for Cardinals games, toasted ravioli (it’s a thing), autumns in Forest Park, and whatever other adventures await.