Flying into Fall Break

A cool breeze and the soft patter of raindrops wakes me out of a slumberless stupor. I climb out of the van, turn away from the clock tower and head to Bears Den (or what WashU students like to call BD). City Faces was just as eventful as ever today and after a day of classes, I am finally ready to turn in for the night. The weekend has officially began.

College students are huddled together and bustling about, climbing into ubers and boarding different modes of transportation. As I watch them head off for a much needed break from classes and exams, I grab a bite to eat and head up to my room to snuggle into the warmth of my comforter. After some hours of watching YouTube, I feel sleep begin to overtake my tired limbs. Today has been a long day. My eyes drift close.

I wake up to a dark room, furnished but slightly empty. My roommate has already left for fall break, packing her bags and bidding farewell last night as she headed to catch her flight. A yawn racks through my body and I cover my face back with the soft pink blanket. Ten more minutes and I’ll be ready to begin my day. I laze about, make myself a bowl of cereal while texting a friend who is also staying on campus for Fall Break.

Movie Night?!?

Movie Night; where dreams are born and time is never planned.

I make my way over, clutching my belongings to my chest hoping the little drawstring bag will protect my body from the chilly air a bit more successfully than my billowy cardigan. We watch Marvel movies into the early hours of the morning and I realize how much I needed a simple break.

Upon parting I trek back to my dorm, passing by BD. The fairy lights twinkle against the dark sky, the wind beckoning them into a little dance. The place is deserted, not that I’m complaining…the silence is almost peaceful. I step into the comfort of a warm space and gradually make my way up five flights of stairs, grateful to climb into my bed once again.

When there’s a smile in your heart, there’s no better time to start. Work will have to wait until tomorrow after I’m well rested.