“There’s just no telling how far I’ll go” – a famous explorer named Moana

Hey everyone!!!

My name is A’Daja, and I am a first year student at WashU.

Go Bears!!!

After a nine hour drive from my hometown I’ve finally made it to my four year home. I couldn’t be happier. Just a little bit about myself: I am (or well I plan to be) an English major, with a possible minor in African and African-American Studies as well as Psychology.

I play piano, sing, draw, write, and sew. Needless to say I am a huge art lover. I also am prone to spout Disney quotes at random, so do not be alarmed.

This being my first year, I will say that my experience on campus so far has been amazing! From the club fair, to the a capella showcase, the numerous cafes and dining halls, and everything in between.

I am a QuestBridge scholar and have become a tutor for City Faces which is a community volunteer group (there are so many). I actually had the opportunity to take summer courses through FSAP (First-Year Summer Academic Program) before starting my freshman year. However, I’ve realized that even from that small amount of exposure there is still a whole new world left to explore.

Almost half way through my first semester, and I am still in the process of getting into the groove of things, but just “bear” with me and I’ll try to provide interesting tips and recounts of my time here on campus. Yes, I know that was “bear-y” corny. Okay, I’ll stop for now, but if one ridiculous joke can brighten your day then I’m happy to be of assistance!

I hope to talk more about Orientation and my first week of classes soon!

Until next time!


p.s. My original title was “you can find me at the corny store”, but turns out I do have self-control.