PL4Y Showcase: A Year Later

Last year, I wrote a blog post about PL4Y’s annual Showcase, and just how moved and proud I was to see a part of my culture come to life for the campus to see. I also noted my love for K-POP, and how this Showcase inspired me to try out for Spirit of Korea the following semester. I ended off the post by saying that maybe I’d try out for the next PL4Y Showcase.

Well, as fate — or lots of deliberation and courage — would have it, I did indeed stay faithful to my word. I attended the PL4Y Showcase auditions and put my newfound passion for dance to the test, alongside many other talented people. Once again, I was so pleased and grateful to see the diversity of people who applied (and there were lots of people who applied): people of all years, experience, and cultures coming together to enjoy a few hours (or many hours, depending on how many workshops one attended) of pretty hardcore choreography. Plus, all of this choreography was taught by other extremely talented WashU students!

The results haven’t come out yet, but regardless, the workshops themselves were an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who’s remotely interested in K-POP or learning choreography. I was definitely not a dancer before I came to college, and I don’t especially consider myself a dancer now. Still, WashU gives anyone with passion the opportunity to put it into practice. I’m glad that I have an outlet for my interests and meeting people who share them.

This year, the PL4Y Showcase will be on November 16th, at Tisch Commons in the DUC. The list of dance artists include BTS, Blackpink, TWICE, NCT, iKON, Hyolyn, Chungha, and EXID — and, of course, there will be a variety of other performances by different students and student groups. Showcase was definitely one of the peaks of my fall semester last year, and it definitely inspired both people I know and me to get more involved in the things we love and are interested in.