Life as an Upperclassman

The first few weeks of school has officially ended, and I am now beginning my life as an upperclassman.

To be honest, saying that still surprises me. It feels like just yesterday I was wandering around campus, completely overwhelmed by all the new stimuli and the uncertainties of college. Well, maybe it was just yesterday. Because WashU is always changing, always advancing, always growing.

Eagerly waiting for this view to return!

One thing that has really been evident already is how fast I’ve adapted back to WashU’s never-dull lifestyle. The first week was filled with assignments and hectic class-hopping, but nevertheless, I managed to keep my footing and hang on to my sanity. It’s little things like this that really make me look back and think, Huh. I really am a WashU student. 

This is my first year off the South 40 — now, I’m on the campus-favorite Village for most of my residential timeline. Of course, I miss a lot about the 40, but it’s great having a change in scenery (and food)! Thankfully, the 40 isn’t too far away, and the Athletic Complex is just around the corner. No matter where you are, the beautiful outdoor decorations and flourishing plants and flowers make it a pleasure to be here.

Loving Lopata~

Back to the chaos of the school year. So far, during the first few weeks — amidst all of the schoolwork we’re struggling to catch up on — I’ve had an exam, lots of research hours, leadership commitments for church, and even dance auditions. It has been a while since I’ve felt so busy … but in a way, it’s kind of nice. I feel productive, successful, and all-around satisfied. And that’s what WashU is here for.

School and work life here may not be easy in the slightest, but growing pains are necessary after all. I can already tell that I’ll be looking back on this semester a few months from now with triumph, as I have done every year.

Here’s to another year at WashU!