Back to School

The first week of school, for me, is always both exciting and overwhelming. It’s exciting to see my friends again, take new and interesting classes, and consider all the possibilities in store for me in the new school year. However, all the possibilities can be daunting, especially for someone like me who always overestimates the amount of extracurricular activities that she’ll actually be able to do.

This year presents an entirely new challenge for me because I’m living in an apartment so I’ll be cooking for myself for the first time and having to find transportation to campus instead of being a short walk away on the South 40. In addition, my classes are now more major-specific since I declared an International and Area Studies major in the spring. Although I’m a little nervous about juggling those major-focused classes along with extracurricular activities I want to join like the International and Area Studies’ Honor Society Sigma Iota Rho, I know that challenging myself will feel rewarding at the end of the school year as I look forward to finding an internship.

Luckily, this year won’t be a constant challenge. While settling into classes and my new apartment this week, I was able to relax by baking cookies with my roommates in our new oven and watching movies on the TV in our common area. Catching up with my friends after not seeing each other in months was a bright spot in what could have been a stressful week. After all, it’s hard to worry about all the future tasks that await me when I’m singing songs from Waitress and Wicked at the top of my lungs. This upcoming school year will undoubtedly be challenging, but in a way that will ultimately make me better off for it. When it gets especially hard, it’s nice to know I have friends to help me get through it.