A little about me

Hi! Before I begin writing posts for the summer, I’d like to take this as an opportunity to introduce myself. I thought a fun way to do this would be to ask myself and subsequently answer the questions you’re most likely to wonder about. So here we go! 

“Where are you from?”

Cleveland, Ohio. But I’ve also lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana, and my parents now live in Iowa.

“What’s your major?”

I’m undecided in the College of Arts and Sciences! I love being undecided at WashU because I can explore possible majors and interests without feeling like I’m lagging behind people who may have already decided on their course of study.

“What are you involved in on campus?”

I am a junior news editor for Student Life, I planned events for my residential college (WGE!!!) through college council, I work at the Sumers Athletic Center during the school year, and I’m a member of the Deneb STARS program. This summer I’m interning in the office of Undergraduate Admissions.

“What’s your favorite part about attending WashU?”

The people! I’ve met some of my best friends here. The faculty, staff, and students on campus are all genuine, friendly, and incredibly supportive of each other.

“Where’s your favorite place in St. Louis?”

I’m a huge fan of Forest Park right across the street! In the winter I highly recommend visiting the Steinberg skating rink and the summer is a great time to rent a paddle boat from the Boathouse. And the zoo is a great place to visit all year round!