Hello, It’s Me

Hi everyone! My name is Lia White and I’ll be one of the bloggers here on 360 over the summer. A little bit about me: I’m a rising junior here at Washington University in St. Louis double majoring in English and Political Science. I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but am here in St. Louis over the summer working at the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

My two main extracurriculars are student theater and the Roosevelt Institute. I’m currently on the executive board for Cast n’ Crew doing publicity for our shows and also work backstage as part of our Costume Department. For the Roosevelt Institute, I’m working with a friend on creating a public policy initiative that would require buildings to switch to more efficient LED lighting in their facilities. On top of that I (of course) have all of my coursework and somewhat of a social life to try to maintain.

Some (possibly? You decide) fun facts about me are: I’m a big sports fan, which is easy coming from the Bay because we have so many above-average teams to choose from, I love animals and have always preferred them to people, and I recently bought a mini waffle maker and it is and will be the best purchase of my entire life. I prefer bagels over toast, cats over dogs, and peanut butter over pretty much everything else in the world.

My blog posts this year will be a mix between academic insight, details about my life as an undergraduate at WashU, and what ever else I get inspired by (aka I will slowly be compiling a list of all the best restaurants that I try over the summer and then presenting them to you in one delicious, massive post).

I love my life here at WashU and will try to share that experience as much as I can with you. Let me know if you ever want to know about anything!