Wrap-Up Rant

I’m not going to lie, Reading Week sort of fosters a lot of emotions. I am pretty sure that every possible feeling that a human being can have is experienced at some point during the week between the end of class and the beginning of finals.

Luckily, for the large majority of the time, it is positive emotions. I feel delighted to have made it through another semester of ¬†classes, and proud of the progress I’ve made since the beginning of the semester.

Considering that some students seemed to have their academics all planned out before they even arrived freshmen year, I felt slightly late to the game when declaring Political Science as my major pretty recently.

Before this semester, I really enjoyed my political science classes and knew I was learning both valuable and important information, but sometimes I failed to recognize connections. This semester, I was in three courses attached to my major: Comparative Politics, Constitutional Law, and Gender, Politics & Policy in the US. Through the readings and lectures for each of these classes, I started to form connections between theories of different political scientists, and create opinions on my own. (This feels really cool.) The feeling of beginning to master material happened much quicker than I expected and I’m honestly SO excited about it, even more than before.

Also, the weather has been GREAT. Warm weather is an automatic mood booster for me. Without the structure of class, Reading Week allows my friends and I to plan our schedules in order to take much-needed study breaks outside. Yesterday, we walked to the loop for some FroYo which was obviously delicious.

Oh yeah, and catching up on sleep has been nice too.

Of course, finals are finals, and I am stressed and anxious out about them. The amount of free time is fantastic, but sometimes it leads me to remain distracted a biiiiit too long. I think (and hope) I caught myself early on and now have the rest of the days planned out so that I am prepared for my tests next week… wish me luck!

Also, there’s quite a bit of nostalgia. I associate a lot of my great memories from sophomore year with my room in Wheeler House. Every time I walk through the door now I want to give the room a hug. My roommates and I have really made it our own and I am going to miss Wheeler dearly. Of course I will miss them too, and all the other friends I have made throughout sophomore year. Luckily, I’ll be living in St. Louis this summer, where many of them will be staying as well.

But, since I am going abroad Spring of 2019, I only have three semesters left on campus which is SCARY. I definitely want to make sure I live the remaining semesters to the fullest.

As much as I want to finish my finals, I feel equally as strong about¬†not wanting to leave campus. It’s been a great year, WashU, see you soon!