WILD: Music and Memories at the End of the Year

In the years Wash. U. is not hosting a presidential debate, WILD is the most talked about event on campus. On the surface, it’s a semiannual concert put on by SPB (Student Programming Board). There are two WILDs, one at the end of each semester. Months in advance, SPB sends out a survey with potential performers for students to vote for. From the likes of A$AP Rocky and Fitz & the Tantrums, we choose who will grace the outdoor stage of Brookings Quad at the semester’s end! The artists are always amazing, but of course some years are especially impressive. (Um, excuse me while I time travel to the 2013-14 school year when both Chance the Rapper AND Childish Gambino bestowed Wash. U. with their incomparable talent!!) 

Besides the performances, there are tons of fun activities, free food, and more! But if you ask me, WILD is way more than the mini-music fest we often make it out to be. I find WILD to be a celebration and reunion in one. It always falls on the final Friday of classes, just a few hours after many students are turning in final papers and thanking professors for leading their courses. It comes on the heels of a week of long nights in Whispers(the library cafe) studying for exams and longer days of case competitions and research presentations. WILD is where we all get to sing and dance and cheer because we’ve conquered yet another year – a true celebration of our most sincere efforts.

It’s also a reunion! Last night, I ran into so many people I hadn’t seen much throughout the semester. This year, Young the Giant performed, so the crowd was especially packed. I ran into one of my old teammates, danced with one of my fellow writers for Issues (a campus literary magazine), and belted the hook of “Silvertongue” with a guy from my freshman floor under bright stars and neon lights. So, maybe it is just a concert at the end of the year, but I also think it’s pretty magical the way we all come together to celebrate each other and ourselves and everything we do here at Wash. U.