Spirit of Korea 2018

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for me, with final projects, exams, and … well, SoK!

Previously, I wrote about how I was leaping out of my comfort zone and trying something new (among many things) this semester. One of them — the highlight, I’d say — was Spirit of Korea. After months and endless hours of practicing, we finally had our big reveal. Multicultural Week + Friday night made for a way bigger crowd than I expected! We performed at the Clocktower, and the whole place was basically filled. I remember a giant line going through Shepley Drive to get the free Korean food that was there, too (and I can’t blame anyone).

I’d missed that feeling of bubbling excitement and nervousness that comes right before you walk onto the stage, and I was definitely jittery as I walked onto that giant platform. But the moment the music started, all of that anxiety immediately shifted into a surprising feeling of peace. Perhaps it’s because our choreographers drilled us so well that we were simply at ease with the movements. Or perhaps it’s just because I was having so much fun. Probably both.

I definitely will never forget about that night at the Clocktower. Months of practicing and worrying (on my part, at least) had finally paid off. We were told that this year’s performances were some of the best ever. I was most certainly kicking myself at the end of the night, wondering, Why didn’t I do this last year? 

Of course, I never would’ve done it this year, had it not been for the friend who had pushed me to audition with her. That’s why I urge everyone to try something new. WashU has so many opportunities and you get to meet so many great people through these experiences. I’m so disappointed that I met some seniors who are graduating this year that I could have gotten to know last year! But all in all, I’m at least incredibly grateful that I even went through with this experience this year. It’s definitely the best decision I’ve made in 2018 … at least, so far.

Enjoy some of these pictures by Jiyoon Kang Photography that show off my amazing group-mates! And if you want to check out the performances, go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxCIirOVKs-ZF_pMJtYLilQ or just search WashU SoK on YouTube. I was in BoA and BTS!

The end of BoA’s ‘Eat You Up’ — look at that formation our choreo came up with <3

BTS ‘DNA’ arm wave! Yes, it is a human rubber band ball.