Once Upon a Meme

Last week, a few friends and I went to see an Aristocats’ acapella concert, which was unlike the ones in Pitch Perfect, but in a good way. The Aristocats are an acapella group on campus that solely sing covers of Disney songs, which was fun for me because I liked recognizing all the songs from my childhood (and from recent years because no one’s ever too old for Disney movies in my opinion). For those of you who have never have the pleasure of seeing an acapella concert, here’s a little taste of what one’s like.

One thing I didn’t know about acapella concerts at Wash U before I saw one for the first time last year is that each concert begins with a short clip from a movie the acapella group created. This movie is usually based on the theme of the concert, which in this case was “Once Upon a Meme”. Essentially, the movie was a modern retelling of the Snow White story, as acted out by the group members on Wash U’s campus. Each movie I’ve seen so far has been hilarious, and this one was no exception. For instance, instead of an apple, the Evil Queen gave Snow White a tide pod.

The Aristocats also did a great job with the main event of the evening, the songs. The song choices ranged from classics like “Part of Your World” to songs from more recent Disney movies like High School Musical and Brave. I had “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted stuck in my head fro the rest of the night.

The most moving part of the night by far was when group members gave speeches to say goodbye to the seniors and wish them good luck. The personal touches the group member selected to give each speech put on that speech really showed just how close of a community the group is. If I had any singing ability, I would’ve wanted to join the group myself.

The Aristocats concert, like all of the other acapella concerts I’ve seen at Wash U, was such a great experience. If you attend Wash U, I would highly recommend seeing an acapella concert at some point during your time here, or even joining an acapella group if you’re musically gifted.