Home Sweet Home

Congratulations on your decision to be WashU Class of 2022! Excellent! Welcome! Now…as you envision freshman year at WashU, there are more decisions to be made around dorm life. Who will your roommate be? Will you go random? Or choose someone? Does your room call out for a color scheme? Should you get the silver or the gold meal plan? What about the platinum? And my personal favorite to answer… what housing is best for me? Am I a modernist? Or a traditionalist? Do I need solitude? What about my social life? Which has the best bathrooms? Closets?

All of these questions answer themselves as the First Year Center and your advisors transition you into college life. As for me, I’ve lived in both a modern double and a traditional single. The modern dorms are generally what most freshman prefer because that’s what they get to see on the tour. Modern dorms certainly have perks: they’re newer, more polished, and the air conditioning is “slightly” easier to control. Yet, there is something to be said about the traditional dorms.

I’ve loved living in a traditional single this year. I have a single room in a suite of 4 single/double rooms with a shared bathroom. It’s the best for me. I get the solitude of a single with the community aspect of a more interactive living space. Sharing a room was a great thing for freshman year as it helped me get to know lots of other students. As a sophomore I was ready for a little more privacy and a quiet end of day retreat. I didn’t, however, want to give up that community feeling that a terrific group of suite-mates provides.

The set up of most traditional dorms features two doubles, two singles, a bathroom, a large common room space, plus a balcony! The common room is the place we hang out doing homework, watching baseball games, and sharing stories and a good laugh to unwind from a long day. On the balcony we have coffee or, in my case, try to revive my plants that were neglected during midterms. Interestingly, sharing a bathroom is do big deal, there’s no sibling style nagging for someone to get out of the shower.

Bonus! They just put in new air conditioning and heating in the traditional dorms as well as closet units so rooms are cool and comfy in the warm months and warm and toasty in the winter. The new closets provide a nice option to leaving your clothes all over the floor when you’re rushing to an 8am but that’s up to you.

All of the housing options have their own advantages, the important thing is making the most of your freshman year.