A Springtime Snapshot

Spring has sprung at Washington University in St. Louis!

Okay, we have technically been in the spring semester for three months now and the spring season for a few weeks. But, St. Louis must not have gotten the memo because I still walked out of my dorm to light flurries just three nights ago.

Today, however, the sun is shining, a breeze is blowing, and campus is alive! There is a unique liveliness that comes with chillier weather, snowball fights and huddled conversations around the outdoor fireplace. But, spring brings its own brand of excitement. It looks something like this.

This morning, I rode my bike to main campus instead of hopping on the admittedly convenient campus shuttle. It was so gorgeous outside, I biked the perimeter of campus twice just so I could soak in the beauty of St. Louis in the spring!

After my first class, I literally stopped to smell the roses! (Well, tulips.)

I took my midday Strawberry Whirl smoothie and chocolate chip muffin outside today, sitting with my friend in front of the DUC, our campus student center, for lunch. The main field was full of students passing frisbees back and forth and my classmates hanging out on blankets or in hammocks. A fantastic sight!

Of course, spring brings other things too – end of the year student shows, a cappella performances from Mosaic Whispers and Sensasians, and a ton of guest speakers. And, I can’t forget the Thurtene Carnival, put on by our campus division of the student honorary. The carnival is open to both Wash U students and the general public, and is one of everyone’s favorite events to bring the university and broader community together!



I couldn’t make it to this year’s festivities, but here’s a pic from the top of last year’s ferris wheel! 




We only have two weeks left of classes here in the Lou, and a week of finals after that. The school year is coming to a close, but spirits are high as we all prepare for the home stretch. Pretty soon, I’ll start studying for finals and editing my final documentary for my film class. For now, I will stay in my seat on Mudd Lawn, upload this blog post, and take in the sun.