A Day In My Life: An Average Friday


Now that it is nearing the end of the semester, I will generally wake up at 8:00, immediately put my alarm to sleep, and finally roll out of bed around 8:30 for my 9:00 Chinese Civilization lecture. I’ll grab breakfast to go from Cherry Tree. I usually go for an overnight oatmeal and some fruit. This has been my go-to in the morning— the oatmeal is not quite as heavy as an egg and cheese croissant, and it is quicker to pick up than the made-to-order egg and avocado toasts.


I barely make it to Chinese Civilization in time. I squeeze past my friend, who is usually already seated and ready. There’s no time to chat, because Professor Hegel begins the lecture right on time. Today’s lecture focuses on the prominent writer Lu Xun and the background of political struggle between the Chinese Communist Party and Nationalist Party. During the first five or ten minutes of the lecture, you can sometimes hear the door at the back of the room open and close quietly as a few students arrive late.


After class, I chat with my friend for a bit, then head off to Professor Hegel’s office hours. He is really friendly and energetic to talk to one-on-one. He is always willing to direct me to connected readings, and I come away from office hours with some food for thought.


At 11:00 the French conversation table begins so I head over to Holmes lounge. The French table is two hours, from 11-1, and students pop in and out whenever they have a free moment. Since I’m not taking French now, I try to stay for as long as I can to practice, but sometimes I will leave early to work on some readings or an application. 

This week, Holmes was being prepared for some kind of event, the table was set up outside on Brookings Quad. The French table has bread, cheese, jams, honey, and sweets, so I will often just eat there for lunch. Today there was this really tasty spicy Calabrese salami and one of the cheeses was the ultra-creamy Délice de Bourgogne, which is a personal favorite of mine. I try not to take a disproportionate amount of food, but there is nearly always leftovers, so I don’t feel too bad for eating so much.


I have my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class at 1:00. It is a very interesting lecture of about 100 students and is making me consider getting a minor in Anthropology. Today we had our final lecture on an ethnographic study of the Gebusi people in Papua New Guinea.


I will usually chat with some friends for a short time after Anthropology. Most of this hour is spent doing Chinese homework and making sure I have the new vocabulary memorized for the upcoming daily dictation quiz.


My 400-level Chinese class is only about ten students, and conversation is usually interesting since my classmates are from all across disciplines, from an ROTC engineer, to a political science major, to a design student. In small classes, the people in them make a big difference, and I am lucky my classmates are such interesting people. 


After a long week, I will often just head back to my dorm and do nothing for an hour or two to unwind. I will watch Youtube, Netflix, take a nap, eat, do laundry… whatever I feel like doing that gives me time to recenter myself.

I’ll sometimes go out to get dinner with my friends or roommates off campus, but sometimes we will stay in and do some work or just hang out. Friday nights are my mellow nights, some time for recharge before the weekend.


Every day of the week is different, but I think my Fridays best show the balance of work and chill. I hope you enjoyed a look at an average day in my life as a Wash U student!