Writing for WUPR

At the Activities Fair my freshman year, the booth for the Washington University Political Review, or WUPR, caught my eye. The combination of two interests of mine, writing an politics, seemed perfect for me. Like most of the clubs whose mailing lists I signed up for that fall, I didn’t end up going to any of the meetings. However, after taking a Religious Freedom in America class that fall, my interest in discussing political opinions with my fellow classmates increased. This new interest led me to write an article over winter break based on my research on the Electoral College.

When the issue I’d written for arrived in February, it was the first time I’d ever seen my writing published, even though I’d been scribbling stories and random thoughts in my journals since I was seven years old. I had no idea that seeing my words printed on pages with a magazine like gloss to them and being credited as the author in the table of contents would affect me so much.  As soon as I heard the issue had come out, I ran up to the Print Media Studio where WUPR meets to grab as many copies as I could.

Since then, I’ve written for WUPR again and been to interesting meetings and events held by the organization. Last semester, I particularly enjoyed going to the panel WUPR put on of Missouri state legislators who discussed current pressing issues facing the state and the nation as a whole. WUPR also arranged a Skype conversation with a Wash U alum currently working for the Wall Street Journal which taught me a lot about the daily life of a journalist and what it takes to be successful post-graduation. Just last week, I went to a WUPR meeting where we brainstormed ideas for articles for the annual Wash U/St. Louis themed issue. In the middle of the meeting, we got into a fascinating conversation about the role of student government on Wash U’s campus.

Through my experiences writing for WUPR, I’ve seen my work published for the first time ever and had great conversations with very intelligent people. My involvement with WUPR has led to some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at Wash U and I would most definitely recommend joining it if you attend Wash U.