My Career Center Yelp Review

So, the Career Center is amazing. They have classes and demonstrations and websites for anything a student could dream of in terms of finding an internship or job. The Career Center is located in the DUC, and I passed it every day, but for some reason I didn’t take advantage of it for my first semester of college.

Once I had the realization that, “Oh, maybe having a job over the summer would be a positive thing in my life,” I decided to check it out. I went in knowing virtually nothing and having no plan of action, which may not have been the strongest strategy, but they were able to provide me with some information to get started.

One of the best things I got out of my first visit was joining the Government & Public Policy (GPP) Work Group. I am a political science major, and would love to start working in the field. Ideally, I want to do something involving social justice and public policy. Luckily the GPP Work Group sends out weekly emails with various internship opportunities available in cities all around the country. One in particular caught my eye.

One of the descriptions was from The League of Women Voters in St. Louis, who are hiring an intern for this summer. It is a six week long internship, in my city, it’s paid, and is right up my ally in terms of their mission. I decided to apply, and few days ago, I found out I have an interview with them! I’m really excited and nervous, and most definitely going back to the Career Center to ask how to prepare. I know LWVSTL are only taking one intern, so if it doesn’t work out, I’m confident that the Work Group has billions of other opportunities that I would love.

Wish me luck!!