How to Live Your Best Life in St. Louis

The world of St. Louis is filled with opportunities and surprises beyond the limits of the Danforth Campus. Despite the fact that WashU has amazing activities and events going on all the time, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the campus life and have access to the real world around you. Here’s my short list of places to visit in St. Louis!

The St. Louis Art Museum is an absolute must go. The admission is free and it’s conveniently located on Art Hill just minutes away from campus. They bring in all kinds of galleries and new exhibits and have amazing events every month. It’s the perfect place to take a second, relax, and enjoy some beautiful art work.

Speaking of the Art Museum, Art Hill actually has tons of its own charm. When the weather is nice, it’s the perfect place to picnic and get homework done without the pressure of the library or the chaos of the DUC. Sometimes you’ll see families walking with their kids or people flying kites.

Another perk of being a WashU student is that groups sometimes get Student Union funding to subsidize tickets for the Powell Hall Symphony. If you are ever offered the opportunity to go, take it! The symphony features all kinds of composers and even has themed nights and special guests. The building itself is absolutely stunning as well.

Generally, walking through Forest Park and making your way to the ice skating rink in the winter or to the St. Louis Zoo is always a good use of time. The park is home to so many of St. Louis’s little treasures. The St. Louis History Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon and walking down to the bench seats by various water features is a great way to get a little fresh air and time off. 

A little farther from campus is the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The gardens are absolutely beautiful and sprawling. You could spend so much time wandering and there are plenty of gazebos and tables to rest at so that you can actually take it all in. 

Baseball games are also a great way to spend a night. WashU often discounts a ton of tickets for students through freshmen programming or other school sponsored organizations. Getting a group of friends to go to Ballpark Village is always fun and a great way to feel like you are more engaged with the world of St. Louis.

I’m leaving out a lot of great spots with this list, but be comforted that there are plenty of amazing things to do in St. Louis. All the little eclectic neighborhoods and the ability to go downtown for more of a city feel make St. Louis the perfect place to be a college student. There is something out there for every kind of person and I find the variety to be amazing. Trust your gut and explore if you can!