Day in the Life-Thursday February 22

Recently, I realized that I haven’t yet shared with you all what a typical day at Wash U looks like for me. So, here’s a little glimpse into my life:

9:00- Wake up. Although I roll over to turn my alarm clock off, I don’t actually get out of bed for another ten minutes. After going through my usual morning routine, I make sure to dress warmly for the cold Midwest weather. As a southerner, layering’s a technique I’ve had to get used to.

9:40-Walk over to B.D to grab breakfast before class. The bagel I get from Cherry Tree is particularly delicious.

10:00-11:30 My first class of the day, Social Movements, starts. For homework, we had to read a section of Congressman John Lewis’ graphic novel about his experience in the Civil Rights Movement. After discussing the various ways people are drawn into social movement, using the recent activism of the teens that survived the Parkland shooting as an example, we break into small groups to discuss how John Lewis’ story fits into the framework.

11:30- I head back to my dorm after my Social Movements class. In between classes, I do a little homework.

1:00-2:30 My next class, Fiction Writing 1, begins. On Thursdays, we typically workshop pieces written by our classmates and this Thursday is no exception. We share our opinions about what worked and what didn’t in each of the pieces as well as asking the authors for clarification on certain points.

2:30- I head back to my dorm, stopping along the way after I run into some friends of mine. Then, I grab lunch.

4:00- I head over to Sumers Rec Center to run a couple miles on the indoor track. Since I have fewer classes on Thursdays, I have time to squeeze in a workout.

7:00- As a break in my studying, I grab some dinner with some friends. We talk about our classes, movies we need to see, and our plans for spring break.

8:30-1:00- I finish my reading and write a discussion board post for my Refugees in World Literature class the next day. Then, I get ready for bed.

And, that’s what a typical day looks like for me. Obviously, not all days look the same and every student has a different schedule, but I hope this gave you a good look into what life is like as a Wash U student.