Comfort Meals

Before coming to Wash U, I wondered about whether I would get tired of eating cafeteria food all the time. After all, even the best cafeteria food gets old after you’ve eaten it for a while.  For my first few weeks at Wash U, although I enjoyed the food, I couldn’t help wanting some variety. Luckily for me, I soon learned about the comfort meals the Cherry Tree offers.

From manicotti to smoked chicken to pulled pork sandwiches to shrimp etouffee, Cherry Tree has a tremendous variety of comfort meals. What’s more, they’re constantly adding to that variety. This semester, they added a shrimp and mussels linguine that I think is particularly delicious. The meals rotate enough that you never get tired of eating any of them. There’s something for everyone, even for fairly picky eaters such as myself. In the occasion that there’s a meal that’s not your taste, the Bear’s Den, or B.D. as it’s known to students, has plenty of other great options.

Besides the variety, comfort meals are also an excellent option because they consist of more than one item. Much like meals at home, they don’t only have an entrée, but also have side items like salads, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, and broccoli. This adds both to their variety and to their wide appeal, since there’s something for everyone. Sides of vegetables also add to the healthiness of the meal.

Comfort meals are one of many of Wash U’s great food options. They’re part of the reason Wash U’s cafeteria was ranked #3 in the Princeton Review’s list of best campus food. Although I was worried about not liking food on campus, or at least getting sick of it and longing for homemade meals, that hasn’t been the case. Comfort meals provide an excellent variety and a taste of home away from home that keeps me coming back again and again.