A Change of Pace: Moving from One Side of Campus to the Other

If you’re familiar with WashU dorm life, then you’ve probably heard of the South 40. It’s the southernmost 40 acres of campus and home to all of the freshmen and most sophomores. It’s features include both modern and traditional style housing, an incredible dining hall with about 5 different stations, a grassy area with basketball courts, baseball fields, and storefronts that house student businesses and resources.

All in all, the 40 is an incredible place to live whether you’re a freshman or a sophomore. If you’re in your second year, you are close to so many of your friends and you know how to make the most of the resources.

However, I’m currently a sophomore and live in the Village, which is located on the other side of campus. The Village is usually junior and senior housing, but my suite mates and I were assigned a suite of four singles with two bathrooms in Village House for this school year.

I have a lot of appreciation for the Village, which is why I want to sing some of its praises. The 40 is wonderful, but so is upperclassmen housing. It deserves a little more love.

The Village features many of the same amenities as the South 40. There’s a dining hall at the bottom of Village House along with a mailroom, a multipurpose room in Lopata House’s basement that can be used for all kinds of programming, and some of the dorms even feature apartment style layouts with large kitchens. It’s also a shorter walk to campus and so much closer to the Sumers Recreation Center.

Unlike the 40, the Village is a little bit quieter. There are fewer students living on this side of campus. Mealtimes are obviously still busy, but mostly because students living off-campus or in the fraternity houses stop in for food before returning home.

I’m happy to be able to end this post with saying that you can’t go wrong either way. The Village is pretty much just a more compact version of the 40 and it’s fun to visit either side for events or to catch up with friends. You can always use a change of pace and scenery. Luckily, whether you’re on the 40 or living in the Village, you’re going to be set up for success. (Although Village brunch is rumored to take first place every time. Sorry 40!)