Why I Love Writing

Before I could even put words to paper, I was telling stories. My aunt remembers how whenever our families would go to the beach, I would splash around in the waves narrating stories about mermaids and sea creatures. After my brother was born, I had someone to help me act out my stories. I invented countless imaginative games. In one, my brother and I were karate students with superpowers who fought evil villains made of color, which basically meant we couldn’t touch furniture with certain colors on it.

Even though my truly terrible handwriting made my stories difficult to read on paper, I persisted in writing. When I was eleven, I wrote a book about a girl with an allergy to lies who goes on an adventure to cure herself of the allergy (inspired by my own experience being allergic to the world). I continued writing stories all throughout middle school and high school, falling deeper and deeper in love with the craft. Writing seemed like the natural outcome of my love for reading, a way to immerse myself in fantasy worlds and also a way to express myself in a way my naturally quiet personality would never allow me to do aloud.

When it came time for me to choose a college, I wanted one where I could continue to pursue my passion for writing. After becoming a finalist for the Nemerov Scholarship here at Wash U, I flew up for an interview with the director of the program, Kathleen Finneran. In the interview, I was impressed by the Nemerov Scholars program since it seemed like a very tight-knit community of people with similar interests to mine. I immediately wanted to be a part of that community.

Since coming to Wash U, I’ve taken some very interesting writing classes like “Political Writing” and “Intro to Screenwriting” which have helped me improve my writing skills and increased my interest in writing. I’ve also written for the Political Review, which has been very rewarding since I got to see my work published for the first time. In addition, I’m in the Nemerov Scholars Program, where I’ve met some great people and where I’m continuing to foster my love for writing. Even though I’m not sure what I want to do with my life, I know whatever I do will definitely involve writing.