Where coffee lover falls in love with tea

I remember ever since my first campus visit way back in 2016, I have heard about this special place inside Olin library. With great pride, my tour guide pointed us to a blocked off construction site in the middle of the Danforth campus: “That used to be Whispers!” The beloved café was closed down for renovation in 2016 after a long history being the central hub for members of the WashU community.

Fast forward a year and a half of hard work by engineers and workers, tons of student memes about how we longed for Whispers, and block-off tapes that surprised me with new diverted paths every so often when I was rushing to classes…

I was sitting at my favorite mid-rise chair by the window inside Whispers on a golden winter afternoon. I had just finished a chapter of “The man who mistook his wife for a hat” and stopped to let my mind wander off the pages a little bit, into the soft quiet air of the café on a Sunday. The idea of writing about Whispers just came to me quite naturally after the second cup of tea. This tea called “Cult of Flowers” smelled so wonderful and brought so much comfort that I thought I needed to share with you guys about Whispers!

First off, Whispers offers a huge variety of both tea and coffee. Even as a coffee person, I am completely in love with the tea choices here. They are not average black tea, green tea, but instead loose leaf teas with their own names inspired by different ancient philosophies or herbal medicines. More importantly, they taste so good and leave me feeling so fresh afterward. I have officially added to my college bucket list: try all tea flavors at Whispers!

Here is a peek at some of the tea flavors at Whispers

That being said, their coffee is no less unique. In partnership with Kaldi’s Coffee, Whispers has high quality handcrafted coffee and the famous nitrogen infused cold brew. For those who are unfamiliar, the nitro cold brew coffee is standard cold brew with some nitrogen gas introduced to make it more foamy and enhance creamy taste. To me, it is rich but not overbearing.

At this point, you may question whether you are reading another piece of advertisement. I have to say Whispers does have certain drawbacks. One of them is obvious: my meal point balance will likely plunge this semester. Well, it is just 2 weeks into the semester so we are still good. Another is that the booths and chairs here are just too comfortable, making it hard to leave. On the other hand, its central location on campus tempts me to stop by all the time because Whispers is basically close to all my classes. I definitely have had this dilemma whether or not to sneak out of lecture to quickly grab a coffee and return.

It seems like many others share the same thoughts. The café is crowded all day long and on the weekend. The bustling energy of the flow of students and faculty in and out of Whispers is noticeable. I cannot fully describe this special vibe of Whispers. It is a combination of comfort and motivation. I think it boosts my concentration so that I am set to finish my work, but also feeling cozy and not drained from the idea of working. You probably have to stop by and see for yourself.

The last piece of fun fact/myth: it has been said if you spend a whole day at Whispers, you will see almost everyone on this campus. I have to say it is quite questionable for me but nevertheless, I’d love to spend a whole day here. In fact, it is totally plausible because Whispers is open 7:30 AM till midnight, longer than any other café on campus.

So dearest reader, if you are thinking about a trip to Whispers after reading this post and happen to find me there, I’d love to say Hi!


A busy morning at Whisper