What a Rush

January, holiday break has transitioned to a new course schedule and frostbitten cross-campus walks under grey skies. What’s to look forward to? Much! Right now on campus, everyone who did formal sorority recruitment is embarking on a new chapter of the WashU experience. Brunches, lunches, coffees, and dinners. Ice skating and bumper car basketball. This time last year, this was what my friends who “rushed” were doing. Truth is, I was one of those who didn’t. I was happy with my decision to stay home an extra week instead of coming back early for rush. Or so I thought.

As luck would have it, later that week I received a text asking if I wanted to participate in COB (constant open bidding) for a sorority extending its new member class. Because formal rush week had passed, I was invited to the Mudd multipurpose room for an introductory event. It was now second semester freshman year and I was ready to branch out a little farther, so I decided to give it a go.

I entered the event and was immediately greeted by new and initiated members sitting at tables coloring with crayons, making popcorn sundays, and chatting in chipper fashion about their new classes. I joined a discussion with a few of the older members of the sorority. We mostly had casual conversation about classes and the semester, I was much more comfortable than I thought I’d be.

Soon after, I was meeting girls in that sorority left and right. Everyone was so friendly that when I got a call saying I had a bid, it was a no-brainer for me to accept. The weeks that followed were full of informational sessions and fun events. We learned about the values of our sorority at Chapter meetings and got to know each other at Sisterhood events. There were casual outings for coffee, dinners, volunteering, picnics, and shopping. While the concept of being in a “sorority” initially felt a bit foreign to me, I was quickly realizing the true value that a supportive sisterhood means.

The women I met through my sorority soon became terrific friends. They’re women I look forward to a quick chat with on campus between class. They’re friends that I work with on tough course assignments at night, they’re friends who are supportive and are open to being supported. They’re friends to start adventures with or just go get a cup of coffee. As I reflect on the joy and satisfaction of being part of the sorority community, I think that college is about having experiences and finding friendships like this, learning and growing together. Everyone has an outlet through which growth and stability is achieved. Happily for me, I am finding it through my sorority sisters.