The Return

Beginnings are always a mixture of emotions: excitement, curiosity, anticipation, and  a healthy dose of nervousness. This past week, the beginning of Spring semester my Sophomore year, was no exception. Despite the emotional ride, or maybe because of the emotional ride, I am delighted to report that the first week is wrapping up nicely for me.

I had a lot of fun during Winter Break, but it was not particularly busy or stressful. So, this was one of the more chaotic times I’ve had in quite a while. First, I went to seven different classes before deciding on the five that I would want to take this semester. This period, where students are allowed to test out different courses, is called Add/Drop Period. It’s a life-saver for an indecisive person such as myself. We are able to actually experience a lecture and meet the professor before committing to the course.

In the end, I chose three political science classes. One is titled Constitutional Law which will hopefully give me a better clue about whether or not I am interested in becoming a lawyer. I’m also looking forward to finishing my psychology minor with Cognitive Neuroscience, and of course, I am most excited for Fiction Writing 2. Attending seven different courses for a week is definitely a lot, but it was necessary for me to feel more confident that I’m taking the best classes for me.

In addition to this rigorous schedule, I am starting some new positions which I began to prepare for. I will be a Research Assistant in the psychology lab on campus which I worked in last summer for course credit, and I am now my sororities Head of Philanthropy. Starting both at the same time is a bit daunting, however I learned during finals week that I work better under pressure. Plus, a few of my good friends are off studying abroad this semester, so I’m happy to stay busy.

I’m feeling positive about my prospects this semester. Bring it on, week two.