New Year, New Classes!

Winter break is officially over, and the new semester is in full swing! I find it kind of odd to call this the “spring” semester considering it was a whopping ZERO degrees just two days ago.


Yes. Zero!


Despite the frigid temperatures – at least, it snows! – campus is still abuzz with excitement as we all reunite with friends and get back into the swing of student life. The first order of business is attending new classes! The college course registration process can be intimidating, but the magnitude of options is actually super-helpful when it comes to choosing classes.

Right now, we are in the thick of “shopping” – a time when students can attend classes they have registered for and decide which ones they want to keep. I initially felt weird going to a class for two days, and then suddenly dropping it from my schedule. Is it rude? A slight to the professor? Not at all!

I dropped two classes, added two others, and changed my minor today. (Goodbye, Entrepreneurship. Hello, Business of Social Impact!*) Admittedly, mine is a more abnormal situation, but it demonstrates the flexibility of Wash U’s curricular system. You really don’t have to have it all figured out, even as a second semester sophomore. If I’m not sure if I want to take “Politics of Privacy in the Digital Age” or “Comparative Comic Book Studies”, it’s okay! I have two weeks to explore both classes and make a decision. Lately, I have been wondering how to best channel my skills and interests into my courses. With the help of my four-year advisor, major advisor, and faculty mentors, I’ve been able to construct a schedule that both satisfies and challenges me. I can’t wait to see what adventures this semester brings!



*This is one of the most intriguing minors I’ve ever heard of. It has it all. Business! Entrepreneurship! Urban Studies! Social Work! Honestly, it merits a blog post of its own. Stay tuned!