Friendly Faces Far and Wide

Great news. By the second year at Wash U, you have made all sorts of new friends. From pre-orientation to freshman foundation classes: your new friends come from here, there, and everywhere. Some come and go as college life shifts, changes and settles. New faces transform into friendly faces you will see everywhere on campus and before you know it some become essential to your weekly or even daily routines.

In the orbit of friends, the closest are roommates. I look forward  to seeing my suite-mates at the end of the day. With them, the mundane and everyday things are brighter and more enjoyable. It makes things like making our morning coffee more energizing or doing homework in the evening enjoyable because someone is always heating the kettle for some earl grey or peppermint tea to share. Some weekends we make breakfast in the dorm kitchen, bake a pie, or go out for coffee at Kayaks or on the Loop.

Friends just outside the roommate orbit. Speaking of going out for coffee on the loop, some friendships require you to go farther out of your way to see yet it’s more than worth it. This might be a friend you meet studying for an large lecture exam, like I did in Western Art History. Many weekends we’ll go to the loop and do homework together over breakfast and a flat white or just a plain cuppa black java. For a break from homework, we’ll make a tea, do some crafting, stomp through  rain puddles, check out the free events St. Louis Art Museum, or see what’s happening at the zoo (also free!).

Then there are some pals who are up for an outing even further afield. Take advantage Wash U’s free public transportation pass and organize an outing to watch a hockey or a baseball game together downtown. Sometimes different organizations on campus will subsidize tickets for students to games or shows. If sports aren’t your thing, go with a friend who would enjoy an outing to the Pulitzer museum or the downtown sculpture gardens or just to get off campus and explore.

During convocation freshman year, we were urged to explore not only all Wash U has to offer but St. Louis as well. I’ve found getting to know the school within the context of the city to be a valuable part of my college experience. And these adventures are even better with a new friend you met at WashU.