Winter Finals in the Lou

Reading week and finals are confusing times. We’re all still living on campus, and we’re all working just as hard as we were before, if not harder, but there are no classes to go to. Most clubs and organizations don’t hold meetings or practices during this time, and all the buildings/cafeterias have weird hours. So, without any other commitments besides studying for finals, it is easy to lose track of time, and find yourself sitting at the same exact booth in Simon Library from early morning until it’s dark outside. While writing papers and looking over a hundred Quizlet cards is both important and thrilling, it is necessary to take study breaks and give your mind a rest.

Here are some fun and relaxing places to let off some steam during winter finals (take it from a native St. Louisan):

  1. Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park. Steinberg is a really fun and beautiful place to ice skate. The rink is outdoors, but there are concessions inside, and a fire pit to make s’mores. Bring all your friends on the weekends and stay until midnight.
  2. The Garden Glow at the Botanical Gardens. From November to January, a section of the Botanical Gardens are transformed at night with lights and other holiday decorations. The garden also has fire pits for customers to warm up by after walking through.
  3. Winter Wonderland in Tilles Park. If it’s too cold out for skating or walking around the gardens, just take a relaxing drive through Tilles Park. Every year, the park is dressed up with holiday lights for anybody to enjoy. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, ditch the car and stroll through on their horse-drawn carriages.
  4. Sledding on Art Hill (If it ever snows….) In the spring and summer, Art Hill is perfect for picnics. In the winter, it makes for the perfect place to sled, that is, if we get any precipitation.
  5. Coffee Cartel in the Central West End. If you need a break from the Library, but can’t take too much time away from studying, head to Coffee Cartel. They have delicious hot drinks, free wifi, and they are open  24-hours, so you can sit, sip, and study to your heart’s content.

Good luck, and happy holidays!!