Garden Glow

Every year, the St. Louis Botanical Gardens hosts the Garden Glow, where it covers the garden in Christmas lights for guests to walk around and enjoy. This year, in order to escape from the stress of finals, I went to the Garden Glow with my friends. We bought tickets to the event from The South 40, a group at Wash U that organizes student activities. We were lucky to get the tickets since they sold out 30 min after they went on sale! Clearly, going to the Garden Glow is a very popular way for Wash U students to de-stress during finals. 

The most breath catching part of the display, visible from the garden’s entrance, is the large dome that’s lit up in the center of the garden. I also particularly enjoyed going through the lit up tunnel and seeing all the large trees completely decked out in lights. The synchronized lights definitely enhanced the experience. Fortunately, the path through the lights display was well mapped out, so we could see all the lights without getting lost. Many of the gorgeous displays we saw involved fields of lights in the shapes of flowers and mini-Christmas trees. 

In addition, the historical house of the man who founded the gardens, Henry Shaw, had  Christmas decorations up. Seeing the displays showing what the family used to eat for Christmas and how they decorated for Christmas was fascinating, and a good chance to get out of the cold!

Before leaving, my friends and I grabbed some hot chocolates at one of the garden’s concession stands to warm ourselves up. Luckily, we had plenty of time to walk through the lights, browse the gift shop, and still make it back to the buses on time. Overall, it was a great experience and definitely a good way to de-stress during finals week!