Thankful for Wash U

After attending school here for about a year and a half, I’ve started to take some things for granted. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking about all the things about Wash U I’m thankful for. Here are just some of those things:

  1. The people- Everyone here is so smart, it can be intimidating sometimes. Before coming here, I worried about no longer being one of the smartest people in the classroom. However, being around smarter people has challenged me and made me a smarter person. And obviously, I love the friends I’ve made here. Whether we’re making cardboard forts out of old boxes or stressing out about classes, I’m always grateful to have them around.
  2. The campus- I tend to take this for granted since when I walk around campus I’m usually looking at my phone, but Wash U’s campus is really something special. I still remember the awe I felt seeing the South 40 for the first time and remarking on how much it looked like an area of Disney World.

3. The food- Talking to my friends from high school, I learned that not all college cafeterias are great. My friends don’t like their schools’ cafeterias, but I just can’t relate. From the pasta station at BD to the Mexican food place, DeliciOSO, in the DUC, to fancy food like Ibby’s, Wash U  has so many great food options.

4. The dorms-I’ll admit, the suite-style dorms were a huge selling point for me. I never liked the idea of sharing a bathroom with an entire hall of people, so I was glad that I was able to avoid that at Wash U.

5. The opportunities- Hands down, one of the most rewarding parts of my experience at Wash U has been the amazing opportunities available here. My freshman year, I saw the presidential debate take place on campus, which was a truly incredible experience. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend talks by former presidential candidates, former secretaries of state, U.S senators, Missouri state congress members, famous journalists, and so many more prominent figures. Most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity to take classes from professors who are extremely accomplished in their fields. I wouldn’t have had these opportunities anywhere else, and I’m very grateful for how they’ve enriched my life.