How PL4Y SL4YED Friday Night

As a Korean-American, there are many parts of my heritage that I take pride in, and one of them is — big surprise — the music. Nowadays, K-POP is becoming a global phenomenon, and I no longer have to struggle to find another person who finds it as appealing as I do.

One major aspect of K-POP is the choreography; nearly every single song has an original dance that goes along with it. PL4Y is WashU’s very own Asian pop song cover group, and every month, they hold workshops to teach interested dancers these choreographies. The best part: these workshops are open to anyone who wants to join, regardless of experience level. Another amazing fact: everything is choreographed by your fellow students.

On Friday, November 17th, PL4Y held its annual Showcase, featuring over 80 performers and a variety of K-POP songs and remixes. Furthermore, they had guest performances from WashU’s Hip Hop Union, KISS (Korean International Student Society) Band, the a cappella group The Sensasions, and WashU’s Korean rap group NORM.  The whole thing lasted around 2 hours, and I, having stayed the entire time, can tell you that it was completely worth it.

I was especially blown away by the commitment and hard work of all the dancers and organizers involved, who, after only a few months of practicing, were able to put on such an amazing show. Tisch Commons was totally packed with curious (and excited) observers, and the crowd was going wild the entire time. I recall telling my friend how I felt as though we were in the presence of celebrities — but that’s just how epic the performers were.

Not only was I able to feel great pride for a part of my own culture, but I was once again able to witness just how open and accepting the WashU community is. The PL4Y Showcase and the crowd was hardly limited to just Koreans, and to see so many different people come together through an event like this one was very warming.

Attending events like these is not only supportive for your friends and peers, but also beneficial for yourself. Who knows? You may discover that you want to try something you’d never considered before. I definitely found myself wondering how I might be able to contribute to … well, I don’t know. Maybe the next PL4Y Showcase. 🙂