WILD: Walk In, Lay Down?

Yesterday was WILD, an event that happens once every semester at WashU. WILD is an acronym which stands for “walk in, lay down,” although the nature of the event does not usually call for much relaxation. That being said, it is a really fun time which helps relieve some of the stress from a long week of classes.

WILD is a concert that is held on a Friday night, featuring a famous musical artist and openers. For the fall 2017 performance, a comedic rapper by the name of Lil Dicky was the main guest, with A R I Z O N A and Lizzo as openers. Unfortunately, I was a bit late to the concert, so I did not get to see Lizzo perform. My friends and I got there just as A R I Z O N A was starting to enter onto the stage, and although I had only known one of their songs prior to the concert, I have now downloaded the entirety of their most recent mix tape. I could actually imaging myself walking in and laying down while listening to this band, if I wasn’t too busy dancing.

After a break, Lil Dicky came on. With only a little shame, my suite mates and I belted out every word to his songs that we had spent time and dedication learning ever since the Social Programming Board revealed that he would be performing. We had to cancel our plans for afterward because we were so exhausted from dancing and walking around all day. While the concert is the main attraction for WILD, some students choose to go to different events hosted by fraternities during the day. Since we don’t have class on Fridays, our suite spent the day hopping around from one to the next prior to the performance. It makes for a very tiring day, but it’s worth the exhaustion twice a year.

Although this is my third semester at WashU, it is only my second WILD, as the concert was replaced by the presidential debate my first semester (which was also insanely cool and a once in a lifetime experience). Today is the real day for laying down, but I’m looking forward to seeing who will be entertaining at the next WILD.