Right Back to Writing

My favorite classes so far at WashU have been both of my creative writing courses. I love the artistry and freedom of expression which is inherent in the assignments for them.

When I was a little kid, I probably produced over a hundred stories of varying length which I would enjoy writing out and illustrating for my family. While some were the result of fleeting passion, or maybe just a period of boredom, others I spent time on and worked diligently until I was satisfied with the piece.

However, high school set me back. My school did not offer a class for creative writing, so everything I turned in followed some seemingly very strict formula. I either wrote research papers or book analyses. While I did not mind crafting these as much as my peers did, it was not something I looked forward to producing. After writing pages upon pages about things I felt less than excited about, I had little desire to write anything on my own time. I recognized the importance of writing these essays, but they were not as fun or freeing to me.

Fiction Writing and Creative Non-Fiction Writing at WashU, however, have brought back my love for writing. In these courses, it’s just the minimal amount of structure that I enjoy. For example, the guide lines for my first Fiction Writing assignment were “Write a fiction story that is between 8-20 pages.” Oh my, the possibilities were endless. I felt my mind expanding again, and I actually got excited about my homework. In addition, in these courses I am inspired by and in awe of my peers’ work which I get to read and make suggestions for. The courses are small and highly discussion based, and I learn a lot more about my classmates compared to those which I share a lecture room with. Plus, reading and editing in turn makes me a better writer.

I took Fiction Writing freshman year, and my experience in it lead me to take Creative Non-Fiction, which I am currently enrolled in. We are learning to write memoirs and journalistic style pieces. I just turned in my first Manuscript, and I am excited for the feedback I will receive.