Planning your Career: WUSTL and Beyond

I couldn’t count the number of times that my career plans have changed throughout my life. What started as a burning desire to be a part-time bus driver, part-time chef, has quickly evolved into campaign planning for President of the United States in 2036… or something like that. My time at Washington University has only changed my career plans even more. Each day as I learn and discover more about myself and my interests, I begin to reconsider what career path would be right for me.

Thankfully for me, I am not alone in my indecisiveness.

WashU has provided students with incredible support to explore career opportunities and connect with professionals in their field of interest. WashU’s Career Center serves both current students and alums in career advising and planning. The Career Center has over 15 different advisors that specialize in particular industries and majors. Students can set appointments with these advisors and discuss their career plans and uncertainties.

The Career Center offers a variety of services to help students connect to jobs and internships at every level of their education.

Career Interest Groups

Career Interest Groups provide students with immediate updates about recent job or internship postings in their industry of interest. Students can join these interest groups via email or meet with their group in person. The Government and Public Policy interest group meets weekly with the designated career advisors in that field and advises students how to tailor their resumes to job posting in the public sector, navigate security checks and clearances, and connect with alums and other contacts in their interest areas.

Road Shows

The Career Center offers several road shows throughout the year to cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Students travel to firms of all sizes, visiting offices and meeting with WashU alums in the city. These road shows allow students to network and get a better sense of the companies and/or industries in which they may be interested. I participated in the Chicago road show and met with political and managerial consulting firms in the area. I was able to put a picture to the names of companies that I had researched before and imagined myself as an employee in their offices.

Additional Career Services

The Career Center offers students additional resources to prepare for interviews and job applications. Students can practice a mock interview tailored to their industry with career advisors and receive feedback on their performance. Additionally, the Career Center hosts workshops to help students prepare for the Career Fair, interviews, or resume reviews. These workshops are offered on both general and industry-specific levels.

The Career Center has assisted me at every turn of my career planning in the last two years. As I inch closer to my post-graduation career, I know the Career Center will provide a springboard into whatever industry I decide to pursue—part-time chef, future president, and all.

Career Center Website: https://careercenter.wustl.edu