Study Breaks and Bonding

We are in midterm season at Wash U. You always know when it’s that time: the weather is cooling down, people are pulling on boots, stuffing their arms in sweaters, study groups are forming, reviews are happening, textbooks and notecards are strewn across every table on campus. Students sit together encouraging each other through the inevitable evaluation of the semester so far. I can always hear my suite mates collaborating on physics and joking around with each other in our common room while I’m talking with another Sam Fox student, most likely discussing the best way to print a project from Photoshop. The suite is focused and quiet for the most part but no matter what we’re working on, we will always take a break to eat dinner together before continuing our work.

Clearly, midterms are not a reason for Wash U students to stop bonding and brunching together.

Though it’s not only studying together that brings us together during these times. Whether it’s midterms, finals, or just a big exam, you can be sure there is always some sort of fun activity provided to perk up anyone in a study slump. Different student groups organize events for this purpose of boosting the student spirits. No matter where you look there’s something happening, walking back from an exam students will encounter cookies and puppies outside of the DUC post test, limbo on the lawn (aka Mudd Field), etc.

Yesterday, I was walking back from class in Eads when I noticed bubbles floating around the chapel. Curious, I skipped my route through the bookstore and walked towards the DUC instead. Sitting there, blasting music and bubbles into the campus, was a large yellow van that had some variation of bubbles written on the sides (I could tell for sure because it was obscured by thousands of bubbles). The fire pit, the field, and one of the DUC’s outdoor eating areas was covered in a sea of bubbles. Every kind of bubble, from the ones you blew as a kid, one a time, to the large clumps of sudsy bubbles that make the whole area feel like a giant bubble bath. Students were playing with the large bubble wands and running around to the music with the bubbles chasing after them. No one could walk by that and not have a smile put on their face.

In my experience, the only things college students like more than rediscovering they joys of childhood is food, specifically free food. We have that covered here too. In the morning before the bubble fest, outside of the Brooking Residential colleges, the college council has the fuel for any student in a hurry start the day. Coffee, oranges, bananas, chocolate donuts, maple donuts, glazed donuts, vanilla donuts, and strawberry donuts sit sweetly on a small table as the student leaders of Brococo help the sleepy students stuff their stomachs. Students who are rushing off to class can grab and go, whereas students trying to use a little time can hang out and chat. Offering up the motivation and caffeination to get the day started and students on their way. If there’s anything midterms has taught me, besides how to say beige in Italian (it’s beige), Wash U students study hard and support each other harder.