Located a short walk away from campus, the Loop is filled with great restaurants serving all types of food. Whether you’re in the mood for a barbecue place like Salt and Smoke or traditional diner fare like at the Peacock Diner or a build your own pizza places like Pi Pizzeria or a Mexican food place like Mission Taco or a Vietnamese food place like VietNam Style  or even a Mexican-Korean fusion food joint like Seoul Taco, the Loop has it all.

One of the best places to eat on the Loop, in my opinion, is Fitz’s. Primarily a root-beer microbrewery, Fitz’s also has a restaurant section where customers can watch the bottling process take place while they enjoy food from a delicious menu consisting of the traditional burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and pizza, but also some uniquely local foods like the toasted ravioli. Fitz’s also has unique and tasty sauces for its burgers and sandwiches, some with the signature root-beer flavor.

The real highlight, however, is the root-beer floats. Large enough you feel the need to split them, but too good to want to, the floats are a must-try item. For reference, here’s a picture of The Big Muddy float I got one time, which consists of  Fitz’s brewed root beer topped with chocolate ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce:


(too good, right?)

A great atmosphere, delicious food, and its proximity to campus make Fitz’s an essential part of any Wash U Bucket List. If you decide to come to Wash U, or if you are ever in St. Louis, I highly recommend going.