Fall It Up

Dogs, donuts, pumpkins, pie, and polaroids.

Just a few of the things that make an appearance at Fall activities on the South 40. There is always something to attend. Pay attention to signs posted anywhere in Res Colleges, in BD, and Facebook events and you’ll see the new reminder for whatever fun event is being planned. From blanket making to pumpkin carving to succulent planting. There are plenty of opportunities for a fruitful study break.

This past Sunday on the Swamp at least 700 students came through Fall It Up, to enjoy fall activities and warm weather.

I was excited when I was asked to help out with this particular event. I worked at the face painting and dog selfies table. There, I got to enjoy things that I’d be missing at home right about this time of year, a neighborhood party with a dog parade, pie making competition, and face painting booth. This event filled that position perfectly, it was fun way to spend the first day of October with good friends and fall activities. Students came to our table to get their face painted with pumpkins and residential college logos. Afterwards they would choose one of many dogs to pet. Faculty associated with the residential colleges lent their dogs so those who missed having a furry friend around could play with them. ¬†We also had a few polaroid cameras to allow students to take a photo with the dogs.

This was not the only table at the event. There were plenty of activities to do. At another booth students could make their own candy apples. They could cover them with chocolate or caramel and sprinkle nuts and more chocolate on top. Once they were done with their candy apples students could decorate small pumpkins. If they wanted to combine an activity and a snack they could play games with donuts. Pie lovers could throw whip cream pies in each other’s faces and then head to the next table to eat apple pie with more whip cream on top.

What a fun way to spend a Sunday! For those who missed this event, the fall fun doesn’t stop there. Next weekend the Faculty Fellows will be taking a bus full of students to Eckart’s for apple and pumpkin picking as well as goat petting and bbq eating! There’s always a way to fall for fall!