A Mid-Midterm Break

Midterm season has officially hit the campus like a plague, and every student will tell you their own horror story of their week. It’s at times like this when you really need to de-stress … and for me, that came in the form of Camp Lakewood, located approximately 2 hours away from campus in one of the most beautiful areas I’ve seen in Missouri.

I went with WashU’s ACF (Asian Christian Fellowship) to an InterVarsity retreat, where college students from various schools in Missouri gathered together to spend the weekend (Friday evening – Sunday afternoon) at Camp Lakewood. After having slugged through exams and essays that week, I was too exhausted to be overly-enthusiastic about the trip, but that changed after I got there.

The environment, for one thing, was stunning. The lake in front of our cabins was practically pulled out of the movies; and, if you were lucky enough to wake up early to see the sunrise (not me, but according to my friends) over the water, that was an experience in and of itself. Plus, the skies at night were clear enough for us to go star-gazing – something I haven’t had the chance (or time) to do for years. I learned to really appreciate the little things we often don’t think about/take for granted through this time.

Being able to get off-campus, moreover, was a blessing. If you’re like me, WashU feels like your home, and stepping outside of the comfort of its gothic architecture and green lawns is admittedly a bit unnerving and occasionally takes a lot of effort. But having a community organize all the rides and events for you to enjoy a relaxing weekend (well … mostly relaxing; we did have a few study-sessions along the way, but hey, that’s what college kids do) is really something I appreciate.

Which is why I have WashU to thank for giving me such a community. As academically-focused as the students may be, we are still, first and foremost, a family. And this weekend – not only full of exams, but also full of nature, full of friends, and full of unforgettable memories – was how I came to such a revelation.