10/10 Experience at TSO 10/10

Fall break just ended, and one of the many things I already miss from home is: food. Particularly, Asian food. And, even better: sitting around a table with a variety of Asian dishes surrounding my plate. That kind of food.

So, imagine my excitement at the news of the Taiwanese Student Organization’s annual 10/10 Dinner event: a celebration of Taiwan’s national holiday (10/10; what a coincidence!) in which you pay $10 and enjoy 10 Chinese dishes from Mandarin House with 10 people (well, including yourself). It was time and money well-spent, and what’s better than bonding with people over a seemingly-endless cascade of food?

When you take a picture of your friend’s food because you forgot and ate yours too fast…

And trust me; none of us were left hungry after that event. From tofu soup to Peking duck, all of the dishes were cleared and all of us left hanging on the verge of a deadly – yet satisfactory – food coma.

I’m constantly reminded of how impressive and hardworking the student organizations on campus are. It’s amazing that this organization managed an event as big as 10/10 (twenty tables were filled, meaning that over 200 people must have attended), providing transportation and allowing us students to experience a taste (literally) of Taiwanese culture without having to be part of TSO.

We partook in some intense TSO trivia to win Chinese desserts as well (because there’s ALWAYS room for dessert)

THE TABLE SPINS (apparently, it’s called a Lazy Susan)

It was a fun time, a delicious time, and a time that I’m definitely marking on my calendar again next year. You should definitely consider doing the same. 🙂

‘Til next time,