West Coast to Midwest

Hi, everyone!

My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a Las Vegas native living life as a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. Since relocating to Missouri, plenty has changed. I’ve learned how to live on my own, the excitement of autonomy in picking a class schedule, and the trials and tribulations of being surrounded by new faces. Even still, one of the biggest adjustments was realizing what it means to live in an entirely new state.

Missouri is an amazing place, and St. Louis is one of the greatest cities. Besides the opportunities to eat at great restaurants, see the symphony at Powell Hall, or visit various museums in Forest Park, St. Louis is just a beautiful city to look at. In the spring and summer there are so many lovely flowers and leafy trees that make for the perfect shady study spot on a temperate morning.

Growing up in Las Vegas, I became accustomed to blistering heat and a pulsing sun, but didn’t really get to experience the bliss of walking outside on a nice day. Although coming to college and leaving behind the creature comforts of home and family was quite the experience, my college transition was aided so much by the beauty of WashU’s campus.

Calling home while strolling down Forsyth Boulevard is one of my favorite weekly traditions and every time life gets hectic or stressful I step outside and explore Clayton for a little bit. It always helps me focus and reminds me that there is a vast and wonderful world available even when times are tough. 

The bloom of nature in Missouri is just one example of the myriad of things that I love about WashU. I cannot wait to share many more of them with you all in future posts!

Best always,