System.out.print(“Hello world!”);

Hi everyone!

I am a new student blogger and I am glad to meet you all.

I am not a computer science major by any chance. The entry title has the sole purpose of being some meaningful text as I adopt the popular “beginner line” from my hacker friends.

I am majoring in growing up, with a few following minors: learning trivial things outside my classes, planting greens from cuttings, making friends with humans and animals (especially dogs), going to FroYo on the loop, cooking, bugging friends with my rambling, and getting more FroYo.

At the same time, I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering, with minors in Healthcare Management and Bioinformatics. Coming to WashU, I knew I wanted to do engineering, inspired by Phineas and Ferb since 2010. The curriculum for BME allows me to dig into different aspects of sciences and technology, as well as honing in critical skills including problem solving, project designing, and coding. Thus, I decide to go with BME and it has been quite a journey: mind-blowing and challenging, nerve-wrecking and rewarding.

I am from Hanoi, Vietnam, which is a few flights away from St. Louis. But I feel at home all year round, because WashU gives me a sense of family. This is actually what I love and grateful for the most here at WashU: the people. From faculty, staff, to students, everyone cares and supports each other. There are of course tons of reasons and stories I’d love to share about this. For now, I will let on that a lady at BD (one of our dining halls) got me to eat and love green beans, something I absolutely hated at first, and that I would not have survived General Chemistry and Physics had it not been for solid support from friends.

Usually the introductory ceremony goes on with a fact. Since today is a beautiful autumn day, I just want to give three:

My spiritual vegetable is carrot.

My first job is as a student assistant at Washington University Nursery School, where I come, play with the little ones, and help the teachers for certain hours a week.

My name is Thao.

I hope this entry has buckled you all up for a journey with me at WashU. Thank you for taking time to join me. I am excited to begin sophomore year and share my experience and perspectives with you all.